Animal of the week: The Quagga!


this weeks featured animal on Church of Fabiversity’s “Animal of the Week” Section is the proud Quagga. As you can clearly see from the picture down below, Quaggas sport the prominent characteristics of both Zebras (the front section till foreleg) and Horses (middle section till rear end). That is why they are also called “Zorses”. But only by me and even though I’d like to think differently, I do not have any authority in the scientific community (at least not the one that deals with Quaggas).

Now imagine yourself on one of these things while going on a weekend foray with your family. Wouldn’t that be great? Freaking A! 


But they are all dead. Wow, now thats sad! Next week on “Animal of the Week”: Godzilla – Myth or fiction?



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2 responses to “Animal of the week: The Quagga!

  1. Carrie Burrows

    Quaggas rule!

  2. ecusson

    They do! And if they were still alive, I’d rather get a Quagga than a Segway – they work on natural gras ye know!

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