3 Blogs in 3 Minutes! First off: Michael Totten

Would you trust this man your War on Terror?

Who? -Michael J. Totten is an American independent journalist who travels to places normal people probably wouldn’t go to.  His track record contains such hostile places as Iraq (Baghdad, Anbar Province etc…), Afghanistan, Gaza and Westbank and to a lesser degree Kosovo. He has been awarded with the prestigious “Blogger of the Year” Award in 2006 and his blog was voted the best for Africa and the Middle East in 2007. Moreover his work has also been published in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal Among others.

What? -Totten writes about his experience in the Middle East and Africa, the difference to regular news however is that he gets very close to the essence of his story. By not only joining, but also living with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan he offers an incredible insight view into the heads of the young soldiers as well as a new perspective on the US presence in those countries in general. Michael J. Totten gives you a first hand glance at the coexistence of the troops and local communities and he is not afraid to point fingers (at good and bad things alike).

Why should I have a look at it? -The man calls himself a “weird combination of liberal, libertarian, and neocon”,  hence he is not really following one single agenda but tries to implement other points of views too. Narrow minded people regardless of their shade might not be alienated within the first minutes because they will probably find parts of their own political orientation in his writings but at the same time be introduced to some new thoughts.  

My personal upshot! -Now that bombings have been widely stopped, murdering militias surpressed and something we could call the beginning of security and public order has been established in Iraq, European liberal medias of the likes of arte have lost their interest in reporting about that country (since now they have fewer opportunites to blame American soldiers for the murder of civilians committed by insurgents. Well, thank god there is still Israel right?). But the story is far from over and Totten shows you how Iraq is in a transitional state from chaos to stability. Now if you still need your fair share of action, there is an Afghanistan section too you know…

Michael Tottens Web Blog


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