3 Blogs in 3 Minutes: Stuff White people like

Who? -This blog is for all the people who would like to determine their degree of „whiteness” and see how their interest compares to the ones of your average white person. However you should note that this is not about people of white color per se, but rather folks who live the “white lifestyle”.

What? -As just mentioned, this blog is dedicated to the “white lifestyle”. You will get more than 150 examples of what white people like and an explanation why they like it. It includes everything from A as in “Apple” (the its-hip-to-be-square brand from California) to Z like something that white people like that starts with Z. Please refrain from taking this site too seriously, it is obviously for entertainment purposes only and there is no truth behind the blog entries. Or is there?

My personal upshot! -I find this blog highly amusing and incredibly witty! And I do have to admit: White folks are like that! There is no denial, people! You better accept it! That excludes me of course.


Comparing people to Hitler
Hating on Corporations 



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