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3 Blogs in 3 Minutes: Greg Mankiw’s Blog!

Who? -“Hey it’s that guy from the book!” is usually the first reaction by economics majors upon hearing the name Mankiw. Everyone else will simply say “Who?” And thats where this category steps in. Besides being “that guy from the book” Greg Mankiw is also an American macroeconomist, professor at Harvard University and the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors during the most recent Bush administration. He is one of the most influential economists next to the likes of Paul Krugman. That’s not bad at all for “that guy from the book”, now is it?

What? -On his blog Mankiw talks about, of course, the economy. But it is not only financial crisis this, bail-out that (the old game that we never get tired of) he adresses also various subjects that we might not find in every day news like the disappearing money multiplier for instance. Other than that he wants you the reader to understand what he is writing about, therefore he takes time to explain different topics a bit more thoroughly than other macroeconomic blogs do. With all it’s frequent updates, this site is a “must bookmark” for everyone who is interested in the economy beyond rants about bankers and managers (the other old game that which we never get tired of).

My personal upshot! -This blog is why I love economics, it is passionate, sometimes funny, always witty and mostly challenging! Read this blog and you will definitely learn a little bit more about life and maybe, just maybe be able to impress and subsequently pick up hot girl at a bar with your new found knowledge. Especially if she is a hooker, because hookers are all about money – and in the end, so is the economy!

Greg Mankiw’s Blog


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3 Blogs in 3 Minutes: Stuff White people like

Who? -This blog is for all the people who would like to determine their degree of „whiteness” and see how their interest compares to the ones of your average white person. However you should note that this is not about people of white color per se, but rather folks who live the “white lifestyle”.

What? -As just mentioned, this blog is dedicated to the “white lifestyle”. You will get more than 150 examples of what white people like and an explanation why they like it. It includes everything from A as in “Apple” (the its-hip-to-be-square brand from California) to Z like something that white people like that starts with Z. Please refrain from taking this site too seriously, it is obviously for entertainment purposes only and there is no truth behind the blog entries. Or is there?

My personal upshot! -I find this blog highly amusing and incredibly witty! And I do have to admit: White folks are like that! There is no denial, people! You better accept it! That excludes me of course.


Comparing people to Hitler
Hating on Corporations

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3 Blogs in 3 Minutes! The Octagon Buzz

Who looks like a member of a Gay Parade but hits on you a houndred times harder? That’s right, it has to be a MMA fighter!




Essential Facts about the People represented in this blog (formerly known as Who?) -MMA fighters are people who engange in ultra violent (but in a good way) and highly technical so called Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a combination of different types of martial arts and thus it is much more diverese than simple boxing. The disciplines within this sport are grappling (that is ground fighting), hitting and kicking. MMA is very open therefore people from all kinds of martial arts backgrounds enter the sport and adapt their style – though over the years wrestlers and Brazilian ju jitsu fighters have proven most successful.

What? -The Octagon Buzz (named after the octagonal shape of the cage the fights are held in) gives detailed reports on MMAs biggest league the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) but does not neglect other leagues such as XTC or the Fury FC. There is a lot a lot of background info on fighters and events as well as videos and photos. In addition to that, the authors of the blog have a close look at all the big and small fights and tell you what they liked or dislike and which MMA fighter has the best technique!

Why should I have a look at it? -MMA has been growing vigorously over the past few years in terms of Pay-Per-View subscriptions while other sports, namely boxing… actually only boxing, have kept on losing ground. Let’s face it, MMA is the new hot thing around. No other sport has more fresh talents coming in rattling cages of the established athletes, no other sport combines blunt force trauma with incredible technique so well and no other sport provides the viewer with so much drama in and outside the ring. That is of course only if you exclude Wrestling from your list of real sports.

My personal upshot! -A series of very bad word plays: This site hits the fan! You will be completely hooked on. Wow this blog total swings! It beats the living daylights out of other sport blogs! Those guys really kick it off! Alright I will end this now, oK … ohhh!

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3 Blogs in 3 Minutes! First off: Michael Totten

Would you trust this man your War on Terror?

Who? -Michael J. Totten is an American independent journalist who travels to places normal people probably wouldn’t go to.  His track record contains such hostile places as Iraq (Baghdad, Anbar Province etc…), Afghanistan, Gaza and Westbank and to a lesser degree Kosovo. He has been awarded with the prestigious “Blogger of the Year” Award in 2006 and his blog was voted the best for Africa and the Middle East in 2007. Moreover his work has also been published in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post and the Wall Street Journal Among others.

What? -Totten writes about his experience in the Middle East and Africa, the difference to regular news however is that he gets very close to the essence of his story. By not only joining, but also living with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan he offers an incredible insight view into the heads of the young soldiers as well as a new perspective on the US presence in those countries in general. Michael J. Totten gives you a first hand glance at the coexistence of the troops and local communities and he is not afraid to point fingers (at good and bad things alike).

Why should I have a look at it? -The man calls himself a “weird combination of liberal, libertarian, and neocon”,  hence he is not really following one single agenda but tries to implement other points of views too. Narrow minded people regardless of their shade might not be alienated within the first minutes because they will probably find parts of their own political orientation in his writings but at the same time be introduced to some new thoughts.  

My personal upshot! -Now that bombings have been widely stopped, murdering militias surpressed and something we could call the beginning of security and public order has been established in Iraq, European liberal medias of the likes of arte have lost their interest in reporting about that country (since now they have fewer opportunites to blame American soldiers for the murder of civilians committed by insurgents. Well, thank god there is still Israel right?). But the story is far from over and Totten shows you how Iraq is in a transitional state from chaos to stability. Now if you still need your fair share of action, there is an Afghanistan section too you know…

Michael Tottens Web Blog

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