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Re: Tea and all that kind of stuff

Here is a cool blog I found that talks about Yerba mate, my favorite legal upper! The post gives those of you who are no tea aficionados or at least not on the field of mate tea, and insight on the products that are available. I guess most of them are fair trade, so if you had listened carefully to Bärchens  and Manonis presentation in Herr Straubs class you would know that all of this is just a load of bullshit (just like global warming). But maybe a good conscious improves the whole drinking experience for the devoted consumer. I shan’t judge ye!

Now back to the topic:

Yerba mate is a beverage made from the leaves and stems of a powerful rainforest tree, native to the subtropical rainforests of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina.  It is consumed daily for optimum health, sustained energy and mental clarity.   The leaves of the rainforest mate tree naturally contain 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids and abundant antioxidants.  It is also organic, rain-forest grown, kosher and fairly traded.

If you want to read more, follow the link!


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Animal of the Week: The blob!


featured on this Church of Fabiversitys “Animal of the Week” section we have an highly underrated but peculiar creature that has found a permanent place in my heart, I am speaking of course about the blob. Blobs come in different colors and forms and each one of them is beautiful in its own way. 




















Next week on “Animal of the week”: King Kong – more monkey for your money!

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The Mister T-Model

For a 1000 years Americans have struggled with one question that would eventually change America (and Korea… and Vietnam… and Iraq… and Afghanistan… and here we go again with Iraq):

How do you coherently combine a professional resume, your personal interest, the Vita Activa , Indian spirituality (we are talking ’bout points, not feathers) and Mister T in one frame. 
Doubters, Haters, Cynics and Believers…. here is your answer!

Mister T Model

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Animal of the week: The Quagga!


this weeks featured animal on Church of Fabiversity’s “Animal of the Week” Section is the proud Quagga. As you can clearly see from the picture down below, Quaggas sport the prominent characteristics of both Zebras (the front section till foreleg) and Horses (middle section till rear end). That is why they are also called “Zorses”. But only by me and even though I’d like to think differently, I do not have any authority in the scientific community (at least not the one that deals with Quaggas).

Now imagine yourself on one of these things while going on a weekend foray with your family. Wouldn’t that be great? Freaking A! 


But they are all dead. Wow, now thats sad! Next week on “Animal of the Week”: Godzilla – Myth or fiction?


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About me – My life, my interest, myself!

Fabian J. Fuchs in his living room


Hi, my name is Fabian. I’d like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about myself. In 1986 I was born in West-Berlin and have stayed here for the biggest portion of my 22 year old life. 
My parents told me that early on they noticed that I had a great deal of determination, especially when it came to tackling certain problems. To give you an impression of that trait let me recount 3 stories that have provided some entertainment during vespertine family dinner parties but of which I only remember two.
All of these stories are strongly connected to my personal and professional interests.

The first story took place somewhere around 1989-90: I entered the living room and my mother noticed the peevish look on my face. She asked me what was going on and I told her that the other children in Kindergarten were constantly picking on me because I couldn’t properly draw a cat. My mom tried to calm me down but in my ferocious mood I started yelling that I would learn how to draw and eventually  become better than any of the other children (my catchphrases back in the day were: “I will show you” and after doing so, “This is what you got out of this “) . From this moment on no pen and no piece of paper in the house were safe from my ambition to become a great illustrator.  

The second story occured years later, I guess around the year 2001. I was faced with the unbearable challenge of learning French at school. I had a very hard time remembering when to use “Imparfait” and when “Passé Composé”, but that was pretty much the least of my problems concerning this language.  Again I was very frustrated, again I entered the living room and again my mother noticed that peevish look and subsequently tried to calm me down.  Again I started yelling that I was the laughing stock of the class (even though that was only my perception, in reality most of my classmates shared my dread) and that this situation was unbearable thus forcing me to become better than the other children . And I did (though there were some that remaind virtually unbeatable – you know, those bilingual people)!

My last story deals with my great interest in everything related to economics. Ever since I watched the movie “Trading Places” for the first time when I was eight, I was highly interested to know what this whole economy was all about. And even though as a child I never understood how the protagonists were able to win using the financial markets, I was absolutely fascinated by it! This has only been the preface to the final story, the actual story is the following: During High School I was never considered to be an abt pupil in math. However it was my strong desire to pursue studies in economics and finance. I remember that pretty much everyone in my family told me that being such a sociable guy, I should rather study Communication Design. Even some of my friends advised me not to go into finance because they said all the math would be too tough for me. Stop me if you see a pattern here, but again I ran into my parents living room. Again I was extremely frustrated and again my mother noticed that peevish look on my face. And yes again I started yelling that nobody believed that I have what it takes to make it but that I will amass a versatile knowledge in economics and finance and… well show you. Finally as it turned out, going into business studies has been one of the best and most satisfying experiences in my life as of today.

Imagine you would have told those people who laughed at the kid who was barely able to hold a pen in his hand, that he would go on and draw and outline full comic books.  They probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Afterwards imagine you would have told those kids that made fun of the guy would couldn’t put together one coherent sentence in French, that he would eventually work, live and study in Paris.  They probably would have laughed and deemed it impossible.

Now finally imagine that you would have told those people who said this boy wasn’t good enough to study economics that he would work in a big bank in Paris and use some mad skills in order to totaly trash that smug Bulgarian kid in finance class albeit him doing a Master of Finance. “Not in this life” they would have said.

The bottom line is that in life I will always encounter new challenges. Some of them will be more difficult than others. But no matter what, in my mind I will always keep the door to my parents living room open. And if you see that pevish look on my face, you will know it’s not frustration. It’s determination and I will show you.

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